Friday, March 14, 2008

The endorsement Barack OBAMA was waiting for, KIM KARDASHIAN!

Well that seals it, Kim thinks she's black so does Obama, Kim's a twit so is Obama, a match made in heaven!


sufferingandsmiling said...

Obama's a twit?? intelligent of you...actually a fan of one of your sister sites and i was giving your blog a chance but not with that attitude. Good day! and NO im not an Obama supporter i just dont appreciate ignorant comments.

Anonymous said...

wat the hell !?
obama is not a twit? hes one of the best things that's happened to america and he has millions of supporters.. he thinks hes black? he is black a der, so what just because he is half black it doesnt make him black it makes him white? that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. and since when do you think kim thinks she black? what does she go around telling everybody im not Armenian im black? umm no? she is allowed to support Obama without the friggen bullshit okay leave her alone... idiot.

Anonymous said...

you're freaking retarded. Obama is an amazing man, youre a racist, i bet you embarrass your parents and obviously have no idea of what pretty is, cause you've been looking at your ugly self for way to long and think that everything must be as ugly as you. ya i dont know who you are but there is definitely something wrong with you.